How Bing Ads can be vital for your business?

Bing Ads have not traditionally been respected in the paid ad sector that other search engine giants have plied to incredible growth results. However, it is important to remember that Bing was founded as a Microsoft product and therefore retains its inherent technological credibility as one of the inventing organizations of the Web itself. Because Bing has other large search engine partners, an ad placed on this platform can reach an audience of over 150 million organic Web users that are accessing their engine network in a single advertisement purchase. Additionally, this search engine network commands well over 25 percent of the search engine market. Bing and the associated search engine network credibly command that any serious internet marketing endeavor consider integrating their services into their marketing strategies.

Bing began acquiring a sizable amount of the market share dominated by Google almost five years prior to today. Its enduring growth in this sector lately can be contributed to many factors but especially being heavily integrated into Microsoft’s latest upgrade, Windows 10. Other resounding contributions inherent in the Microsoft formed platform is that Microsoft has significant deals in place with the most major social media networks available including Facebook and Twitter alike. Bing especially utilizes data derived from these platforms to deliver one of the most significant features in acquiring users to the Bing network and that is Bing’s ability to deliver the most current trending news to their users. Up-to-the minute trending news is one of the most often cited reasons for organic searches today. Many of today’s Web users utilize the Facebook and Twitter platforms to consume their news and begin their information gathering, and many of these users originate at the Bing network before going on to these social media giants.

Other factors contributing to Bing's continued insurgence into search engine market share includes Bing being able to compete against Goggle’s behemoth video platform, YouTube. Bing performs this feat through a pioneering method of visually displaying video choices that make videos much more accessible for choice than the YouTube format. Within this format, users select their choices from an easily viewable grid layout that allows preview when a user hovers over each individual video. This means no incessant scrolling like YouTube requires. Additionally, the images are displayed in a much higher image quality. This occurs while filters also allow further customization of the layout by the users themselves.

Bing is not only cheaper by almost 33 percent versus a comparable Google ad buy, they offer many giveaways and rewards that entice users to the platform and then converts them into traditional users. However, one of the most significant methods by which Bing is gaining on Google is by developing a comparable offline conversion import feature. Google’s conversion import feature has been one of the main ways by which Google has dominated the search engine space. This tool gathers information offline and outside of the paid ad word capacity as well as within the traditional online capability. By performing in this manner, users are able to garner a more holistic view of the market forces and use those added factors to calculate more successful, more targeted and less expensive marketing campaigns. By developing their own tool, Bing is aggressively leveling the playing field with Google and therefore should be apart of any successful online marketing strategy.


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